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We are proud and excited to call Vancouver our home.28731665272_689592449d_b

Adorlée’s products are formulated and produced in partnership with local Vancouver labs, and then distributed worldwide. When we create Adorlée product lines, we often draw inspiration from Vancouver’s vibrant, diverse culture and beautiful natural landscapes.
Vancouver represents a unique blend of urban sophistication surrounded by natural beauty. At Adorlée, we draw from both Vancouver’s the city’s state-of-the-art labs and high-tech manufacturing capacities, and from its natural resources, like Vancouver’s water, which comes from fresh
rainfall and snow in nearby mountains.

skyline-50598_960_720We know a great city doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by choice. Vancouver is known for local businesses, strong start-ups and innovative design. Vancouverites are also increasingly aware of environmental sustainability, healthy lifestyles and natural products. In fact, Vancouver is frequently ranked among the world’s most environmental and most healthy cities. At Adorlée, we strive to embody these Vancouver values – innovation, environmentalism, and health – into everything we do.


Click below to watch a video of some of Vancouver’s sights and attractions