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Made in Vancouver, BC. Canada

Adorlée’s story began with T&K Canada Enterprises Ltd., a noted cosmetics and skincare distributor founded in 1989.

After 22 years of experience distributing skincare products, the T&K team recognized a need for higher-quality, revitalizing creams specifically for the sensitive eye area.

Using our expertise in skin care, we developed Adorlée – our own, Canadian brand of luxurious, effective, and environmentally conscious eye creams.


In 2014, we launched Adorlée with two eye creams. Since then, our customers from around the world have requested additional products, to bring Adorlée’s effective formulas to other important skin care areas. So, we’ve expanded the Adorlée product line to include premium hand creams and face masks alongside eye care.

As Adorlée grows, we continue to use state-of-the-art processes to provide luxury skin care with beautiful results.

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