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Adorlée Day & Night Eye Cream Set


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Both the Adorlée Youth Reviving & Preserving Eye Cream.  The Preserving Eye Cream is infused with Hyaluronic Acid concentrate and blended with the latest intensive rejuvenating properties, this powerful eye cream helps to replenish the moisture around eye area and specifically targets under eye puffiness and reduces fine lines, regenerating a vibrant, youthful look around the sensitive eye area.

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Size: 15 ml

For better result, we recommend using Adorlée Youth Preserving Eye Cream in the morning, and Adorlée Youth Reviving Eye Cream before bed.

The Adorlée Youth Reviving Eye Cream with Eyeliss™ contains hyaluronic acid, white tea, ginseng, aloe vera, coconut extract. These ingredients are good for moisturizing, help with blood circulation and more. The main ingredient Eyeliss™ has combinations of active and precious molecules that help activate brighter and younger look around the eye.

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